Wood/Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai: Everything You Should Know

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest city in India is a foodie’s paradise. The city serves some of the yummiest savouries that can leave you craving for more. Even the street food vendors standing at every nook and corner seem to work up magic and offer vibrant culinary delights that are simply irresistible. If you are a health aficionado residing in Chennai, let the concern for your health and healthy diet not deter you from enjoying at least some of these drool-worthy items. While we would not suggest you to let go of your diet goals altogether, there is still a way out for you to enjoy these temptations. By incorporating wood/cold pressed oil in your diet, you can rustle up some of these food items right at home and relish their healthier versions. After all, cooking food in wood/cold pressed oil was a way of life in Chennai long before the industrially processed oils made their entry into the store shelves and kitchen cabinets. If you are not aware of wood/cold pressed oil in Chennai and its popularity, then this article is for you.

Wood/Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai: Everything You Should Know

The History of Wood/Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai

If you enter any departmental store today and walk up to the grocery and gourmet section, you will come across various oils with labels boasting of terms like ‘first press’ or ‘cold press’. But much before malls and departmental stores made their way into the city, people used to queue up in front of their neighbourhood general stores to buy their everyday essential entities, including oil. These stores used to sell wood/cold pressed oil without any smart packaging or fancy label, for it was the goodness of the oil that really mattered. With time, everything in the city took on a modern look. Today the good old wood/cold pressed oil in Chennai can be found appearing in new formats on the neatly arranged shelves of the lavish malls and huge departmental stores. Even now what really matters is the goodness of the wood/cold pressed oil more than its smart appearance.


Extraction Process of Wood/Cold Pressed Oil

Wood/cold pressed oil in Chennai is extracted using a simple method. The conventional process involves making a paste of the oil seeds or fruits from which the oil is to be extracted. This paste is then placed inside a small scale slow expeller designed like a cylindrical contraption. Using a stone mill or a heavy pestle, the oil is slowly expelled by pressing the paste. No external heat is applied to extract the oil. This expelled oil is known as the first press extraction. It is the unrefined version and contains the maximum nutrients that can be derived from the seeds or fruits of a plant in their oil form.


Why is Wood/Cold Pressed Oil in Chennai Pricier than its Refined Varieties?

The traditional extraction process of wood/cold pressed oil in Chennai is a slow one. The efficiency level of conventional cold press extraction is less when compared to the industrial, solvent-extraction method. This results in the low yield of oil through the cold press extraction. As such, the production cost remains high. So, wood/cold pressed oil is expensive when compared to the industrially processed oils found in the market.


What Makes Cold Pressed Oil the Preferred Choice of Health Enthusiasts?

Cold pressed oil is the latest buzzword for the health conscious lot. This variety of oil did make a late entry, but its benefits are not lost on the health aficionados. Dieticians across the world are recommending the use of cold pressed oil for people struggling with weight loss issues. Though people in Chennai have long known about the benefits of this oil and have used it for cooking purposes, the advent of industrially processed oils did manage to push this oil to the back stage. Now, as the world is rising up to the beneficial aspects of this oil, it is making a re-entry into the kitchens of the common people in Chennai once again.


What is Cold Pressed Oil Extracted From?

Cold pressed oil can be extracted from various kinds of seeds and fruits like coconut, avocado, olive, sesame, flaxseed, pistachio, grapeseed, peanut, groundnut, sunflower seeds, etc. In Chennai, mainly three kinds of cold pressed oil are used by the people. These include coconut oil, groundnut oil, and sesame oil.


What Makes Wood/Cold Pressed Oil Special?

Cold pressed oils are known to retain their nutritional value and a high degree of aroma, flavor, and color. No artificial chemicals are used in the entire process of extracting oil through the cold press method. Since minimal heat is involved in the cold press extraction process, much of the healthy components and delicate flavors are retained in the oil.


What Are the Benefits of Using Wood/Cold Pressed Oil?

It is not without a reason that cold pressed oil is gaining popularity the world over. Its endless favorable aspects are making health conscious people sit up and take note of it. Among its many benefits are the following:

  • Cold pressed oils are known to be rich in useful fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6.
  • These oils are rich sources of different vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, D, E, Zinc, and Potassium. These elements are essential for maintaining your heart, kidneys, vision and skin in good condition.
  • Cold pressed oils help to lower the risk of various ailments like asthma, heart disease, and colon cancer.
  • By using cold pressed oil in your diet, you can keep your cholesterol, sugar level, and blood pressure under control.
  • Being rich in anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids, cold pressed oils protect you from free radical damage within your body.
  • Cold pressed oils strengthen your immune system.
  • These oils are free from any kind of added chemicals or preservatives.

A healthy lifestyle is not just important, it is essential to enjoy good health and good life. By incorporating cold pressed oil in your diet, you can gift yourself a slice of good health.


So, if you are looking for wood or cold pressed oil in Chennai, call us right away to make a purchase.

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